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3 Stunning Hout Bay Restaurants to Visit

A known sea-side neighborhood that has a warm and cozy atmosphere is the one and only, Hout Bay near Cape Town. They do not only offer good beaches but also they have amazing restaurants that locals would want to go back for more and makes the tourists never leave.

Hout Bay

Here are some known restaurants that are worth the try to enjoy your stay here at Hout Bay!

  1. Pure Restaurant

This restaurant has been serving breakfast, full bar, luxury dining, and outdoor seating for a while now. Pure is known for its elegant decorations and clean ambiance to relax and get all fancy. The menu they have has lots of flavors according to many tourists at an average price. They are serving grill, Italian, American, and Mediterranean cuisines that guests would choose from.

  1. Kitima at the Kronendal Restaurant

Looking for a Cape- Dutch style restaurant? Look no further! Tis restaurant maintains the classic look of the Cape Town essence but has various cuisines as to Japanese, Asian, and Thai. They focus more on royal Thai cuisines that traces back to history of the Ayutthaya kingdom in the 17th century. All dishes are created with precision by a team of Thai chefs. Their sushi’s are a must try and you get to enjoy their atmosphere and food for a fair price. It is truly a nostalgic feeling of the east.

  1. Wharfside Grill

Known as the first harbourfront emporium in Africa, Wharfside Grill is indeed a place to be at right now. This is also known as one of the best seafood restaurants in Africa and has a cseating capacity of over 350 dinners! Big space huh? Also, this restaurant also has six private dinning cabins with seafaring history and famous ships as their main theme. You’ll find this restaurant a cabin for the ocean lover and a little bit of the pirate feels.

Sea Point: Site to See

In the middle of Signal Hill and the Atlantic Ocean in South Africa, lies one of Cape Town’s suburbs- Sea Point where visitors can take in unlimited displays of sky and sea while enjoying the natural beauty it has to offer. Many enjoy the walks and jogs seeing the luxurious apartments and beach houses near the shoreline. The fancy apartments and beach houses are welcoming to small families or the modern generation that are interested in living in luxury and style.

Sea Point

Not only that, Sea Point has lots of activities for everyone to enjoy. According to South Africa- or, in terms of swimming and water-fun, the Sea Point Pool is available to relax and enjoy over a day. It’s one of the most beautiful public pools in the area that would cost you less for a fun activity.

For epic sightseeing and a little adventure that you would not regret, the Cape Peninsular Loop is a beauty to check out. There are areas to stop by during the adventure to finish the final destination of the loop like the Boulders Beach to see penguins, or the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve where there is a funicular which you can ride to reach the crest of the loop. Now with the food, Sea Point has awesome restaurants, bars, cafes to check out. One of them is La Boheme Bistro.

The said restaurant lets you get a taste of the natural ingredients found in the place at a reasonable price with a calm atmosphere with good service quality. There is also a Coffee Bar called Caturra that has been a chill-out place for the locals making it their favorite for a span of years. The menus, ambiance, and the atmosphere drives the customers back to the bar making more memories one coffee at a time. One of the many restaurants with a touch that is found in Sea Point is the Handle Bar in where you don’t need to park your bicycle but rather the restaurant encourages entering with your bike!

This is a one stop shop for cyclists that offers food and bike supplies to keep the cycling enthusiasts going.

Sea Point is a unique place to relax and enjoy, even bring the family alone or riding solo towards the Cape Peninsular Loop. You will not starve for there are many restaurants that offer great food and ambiance that is worth it. The place triggers out relaxation and adventure for a tourist. It’s one site to see.

Cape Town: Check Out These Good Beaches

Cape Town is absolutely stunning to visit. From the Cape Peninsula breath-taking view up to the different hotels and restaurants that completes the trip; absolutely you’ll get to enjoy what Cape Town has to offer. Both nature and man completes the package of serenity and relaxation and makes you want to stay more in this amazing place.

Cape Town Air Shot

What is best is that Cape Town has many beaches to offer that you can choose from. Each beach has a thing or two to offer you that you must go. According to various sites, here are the top beaches that are a go-to!

  1. Clifton Beaches

Wouldn’t you know it? The four Clifton Beach in this place is one of the most beautiful beaches around the world. The place is “Instagram-able” with its dark blue waters and white sand coastline, it’s definitely a tourists’ must-seen. You can reach this place about 10 minutes coming from the city to enjoy and relax. There are also giant boulders around that make the scene more attractive and captivating. You can soak up under the heat of the sun and get acquainted with other people from around the world especially during summer time because this is one of Cape Town’s tourist destinations.


  1. Muizenberg

This beach is not one of the most beautiful beaches here in Cape Town but is a surfing destination that provides good waves to practice on. If you like, you can get the chance to enroll in a surf class instructed by some of the good local surfers. To get to this destination, you must drive to it from the city, it takes a while to get here but it’s worth driving to. Also, a fair warning, due to the awesome waves, sharks are often drawn to the place, but there’s nothing to worry, there are shark spotters on daily duty and there are certain protocols here to keep everyone safe. There are also colorful Victorian bathing boxes that are picturesque view to take. It’s an adventure!

  1. Boulders Beach

For those penguin lovers out there, good news! Go to Boulders beach and get a chance to look at them up close and personal. This beach is located outside of Cape Town. This beach is a conservation area for the African penguins. Tourist may visit the place by using boardwalks that leads visitors to beaches and to the penguins. Boulders Beach is 40 kilometers South of Cape Town, a great place to pack a picnic meal and just relax and unwind for a while especially with your family. Another fair warning, no matter how cute the penguins are, the locals tend to remind visitors not to feed them and they are easily startled, visitors must keep in mind to be in distance with these animals.

  1. Camps Bay Beach

Camps Bay Beach is more accessible than Clifton beach. It’s the best known beach on the coast of CAPE Town. There is no wonder people flock the area both locals and tourist since it’s a good place of recreation and entertainment. Like many play volleyball and beach bats, many also go out with their dogs and just walk around, many would tan and soak up and the most awesome view of the Table Mountain can be seen here. Many restaurants are near to this beach, so there is no problem to get a glass of wine and some side chips to enjoy the view and just relax. It’s truly a Mediterranean ambience to just be filled up with.