A known sea-side neighborhood that has a warm and cozy atmosphere is the one and only, Hout Bay near Cape Town. They do not only offer good beaches but also they have amazing restaurants that locals would want to go back for more and makes the tourists never leave.

Hout Bay

Here are some known restaurants that are worth the try to enjoy your stay here at Hout Bay!

  1. Pure Restaurant

This restaurant has been serving breakfast, full bar, luxury dining, and outdoor seating for a while now. Pure is known for its elegant decorations and clean ambiance to relax and get all fancy. The menu they have has lots of flavors according to many tourists at an average price. They are serving grill, Italian, American, and Mediterranean cuisines that guests would choose from.

  1. Kitima at the Kronendal Restaurant

Looking for a Cape- Dutch style restaurant? Look no further! Tis restaurant maintains the classic look of the Cape Town essence but has various cuisines as to Japanese, Asian, and Thai. They focus more on royal Thai cuisines that traces back to history of the Ayutthaya kingdom in the 17th century. All dishes are created with precision by a team of Thai chefs. Their sushi’s are a must try and you get to enjoy their atmosphere and food for a fair price. It is truly a nostalgic feeling of the east.

  1. Wharfside Grill

Known as the first harbourfront emporium in Africa, Wharfside Grill is indeed a place to be at right now. This is also known as one of the best seafood restaurants in Africa and has a cseating capacity of over 350 dinners! Big space huh? Also, this restaurant also has six private dinning cabins with seafaring history and famous ships as their main theme. You’ll find this restaurant a cabin for the ocean lover and a little bit of the pirate feels.